Justice Policy 2018


The research project "Justice Policy 2018" aims to provide a scientific, comprehensive and innovative view of the area of counteracting the causes of crime, as well as the support and development of the system of assistance for victims and witnesses of crime. During the work of the project team, areas have been identified that require research analysis. Prepared reports and recommendations will be the basis for creating legal, organizational and system solutions based on knowledge and scientific evidence. 

As part of the project, 7 research sub-projects are planned:

1. Analytical and practical study of crime prevention in the area of child trafficking and surrogation 
2. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - interdisciplinary and legal-comparative research 
3. Domestic violence - theoretical and practical contexts 
4. Protection of the good of the child in the situation of family breakdown - a research and comparative study 
5 Protection of public order - selected legal and comparative aspects 
6. Family in the perspective of constructing protective and supportive activities - comparative study 
7. Eligibility of the aggrieved party in the preparatory proceedings in the light of empirical research